For true coffee aficionados, trying new brews is one of life’s great pleasures. Each roast comes with its own unique flavors, scents, and undertones that can all be appreciated, so although everyone has preferences and favorite blends, there’s no shortage of new and exciting opportunities for finding more varieties of coffee to enjoy. Joining a coffee of the month club is a simple and inexpensive way to gain access to hundreds of new varieties of coffee that might otherwise have slipped under the radar.

When choosing which coffee of the month club will best suit an individual or companies needs, it’s important to consider variety. Those with access to a larger network of roasters will be able to keep participants on their toes with delicious and aromatic new blends that will be sure to delight. If one month’s selection has proven less than satisfactory, the next will likely make up for it. Well established organizations like better beans coffee clubs guarantee that their members will not receive a new blend from the same company in any given calendar year, so expect more impressive variety from these than their smaller and less established counterparts.

Regardless of how much coffee a household consumes, there is a club that will fulfill those needs. Between one and three 12 ounce bags can be delivered each month. Just choose a club based on personal or household preferences such as different flavors, roasters blends, and whole bean or pre-ground coffee. Those participating in three bag coffee clubs can typically choose to have all three varieties delivered: the roasters blend, the single origin, and the flavored coffee. This option allows participants to appreciate even more diversity and increased excitement with every cup.

Many true coffee lovers insist unequivocally on drinking only fresh ground coffee, so be sure to choose a club that offers the option of whole bean delivery. For those that are less gung ho about their caffeine consumption practices and don’t have the required equipment to grind their own beans, coffee club blends are at least a step up: they are consistently fresher than bags purchased at the local supermarket.

Love coffee and want to gain access to a whole new world of flavor and new variety? Many existing members have already found roasters that they can’t see how they lived without through programs like this. Add some excitement to that morning cup of ‘joe. Visit k cup club for information about coffee clubs and different small batch roasters that they patronize and start having fresh coffee delivered monthly right to the doorstep.